Previously, we have covered everything you need to know about CoreTrade.

In this post, we will continue to give you valuable information on the Multi-Skilling Scheme!

1. What is it?

2. Who is it for?

3. What are the benefits?

4. Can my worker qualify for it?

What is the Multi-Skilling Scheme?

The Multi-Skilling Scheme was launched by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in 2012 with the aim to build up a pool of experienced workers, who are competent in multiple construction trades.

Employers can benefit from this multi-skilling scheme by sending existing workers for this course as it provides more flexibility to deploy their construction workers who are certified multi-skilled workers to construction sites to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Who is eligible for the Multi-Skilling Scheme?

The Multi-Skilling Scheme, as the name suggests, is meant for construction workers who are to be deployed on-site to carry out more than one type of work task.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, any worker with construction experience in Singapore can apply for the multi-skilling scheme:

  • General Construction Worker
  • Workers trained in approved safety courses
  • Landscape Construction Worker

What are the benefits of Multi-Skill?

The benefits of Multi-Skill are the same as CoreTrade which was covered previously.

Apart from equipping your workers with new knowledge and additional technical skills, your company can benefit by having your workers recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and upgrade them into Higher-Skilled Workers.

By upgrading your construction workers, employers will pay a lower levy rate and extended maximum period of employment. Instead of 14 years for a Basic-Skilled Worker, Higher-Skilled Workers actually have their period of employment extended to a maximum of 26 years!

This means employers get to keep their company’s all-stars just by upgrading their workers. No need to worry about re-hiring new foreign workers when you can keep those who are essential to your business for a long time.

What Is The Levy Rate for Multi-Skilled Workers?

The levy rate is basically a pricing mechanism to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore and varies depending on the sector involved.

The levy rate that employers pay mainly depends on two factors:

  1. The worker’s qualifications.
  2. The number of Work Permit or S Pass holders hired.

The levy rate for the construction sector are:

  Monthly Daily

Malaysians and NAS – Higher-Skilled

$300 $9.87

Malaysians and NAS – Basic-Skilled

$700 $23.02

NTS and PRC – Higher-Skilled, on MYE

$300 $9.87

NTS and PRC – Basic-Skilled, on MYE

$700 $23.02

NTS and PRC – Higher-Skilled, MYE waiver

$600 $19.73

NTS and PRC – Basic-Skilled, MYE waiver

$950 $31.24

Just based on looking at the Foreign Worker Levy Scheme, it’s super worth it to upgrade your workers to be multi-skilled! Now all you got to do is see whether your workers are eligible for it!

Eligibility to sign up for Multi-Skill

According to the BCA, to sign up for the Multi-Skilling Scheme, the requirements include:

  1. Obtain at least 4 years of construction experience in Singapore
  2. Obtain certification in a second SEC(K) trade skill that is different from the first SEC(K) / SEC trade skill. If you have Malaysian employees with valid work permits, a certification in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is needed.
  3. Meet Continuing Education & Training (CET) requirements (for Renewal)

Applications for the Multi-Skilling Scheme should be in PDF format and submitted online. The required documents for an interested applicant are listed below:

  1.  Worker’s NRIC (for Singaporean and Singapore PR) or valid work permit/employment pass (for foreigner) (front and back on a single page). For a company application, the name of the employer in the application must be similar to the employer stated in the foreign worker’s work pass.
  2. Worker’s employment details (for work permit holder) obtained via the Ministry of Manpower website (WP Online), to verify the applicant’s years of construction experience in Singapore. This is mandatory for all foreign work permit holders. A sample of correct document attachment and required information can be downloaded here.
  3. Skills Evaluation Certificate (SEC/SEC(K))
  4. 120 hours of training in Approved Safety Related Courses
  5. Proof of employer’s registration with Landscape Company Registry (LCR) (for Construction-Related Landscape)
  6. Must have an active email account

If you need more information regarding any of the schemes and find out how you can upgrade your workforce and cut your costs at the same time, call us at 67413131 or email us at for a no obligations enquiry!

Here is a list of our Multi-Skill Courses:

1. Precast Concrete Component Erection
2. Painting
3. Suspended Ceiling Installation (Acoustical)
4. Suspended Ceiling Installation (Fibrous Plaster)
5. Interior Dry Wall Installation
6. Enhanced Aluminium Formwork
7. Steel Reinforcement Work

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