Singapore Construction Worker's Levy 2023

The construction industry in Singapore is vibrant and ever-evolving. To stay competitive, it’s crucial for construction companies to not only focus on project excellence but also on cost-saving strategies.

One effective way to achieve this is by lowering your construction worker’s levy.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can significantly reduce your levy expenses by enrolling your workers in CoreTrade Construction Courses.

Understanding CoreTrade Courses

Before we dive into how CoreTrade courses can help you lower your construction worker’s levy, let’s take a moment to understand what CoreTrade is all about.

  • CoreTrade Construction Course: CoreTrade is a comprehensive training program designed to upgrade the skills and competencies of construction workers and supervisors. The program provides participants with advanced training, practical knowledge, and certification, making them more skilled and versatile professionals in the construction industry.

Reducing Construction Worker’s Levy

Now, let’s explore how CoreTrade courses can directly contribute to lowering your construction worker’s levy.

  1. Qualifying for Levy Concession:
    • The Singapore government offers levy concessions to construction employers who have a higher percentage of skilled and certified workers in their workforce.
    • Enrolling your workers in CoreTrade courses increases the number of skilled workers in your team, making you eligible for a levy concession.
  2. Higher Skilled Workforce:
    • Skilled workers tend to be more productive and efficient, leading to improved work quality and reduced project delays.
    • CoreTrade courses enhance your workers’ skills, turning them into assets that not only contribute to lower levies but also help your projects run smoothly and successfully.
  3. Cost-Effective Operations:
    • Skilled workers are less likely to make costly errors, which can lead to budget overruns and project delays.
    • By investing in CoreTrade training, you are essentially investing in the prevention of costly mistakes, which can have a substantial impact on your company’s bottom line.
  4. Competitive Edge:
    • Construction companies with a higher number of CoreTrade-certified workers often have a competitive advantage when bidding for tenders and contracts.
    • By having a well-trained workforce, you can distinguish your company as a reliable and skilled contractor, attracting more business opportunities.


Aesperon Construction BCA Approved Course
Aesperon Construction BCA Approved Course

CoreTrade courses are more than just a training requirement; they are a strategic move to lower your construction worker’s levy and enhance your company’s overall performance. With a higher percentage of certified and skilled workers, you not only qualify for levy concessions but also gain a competitive edge in the industry. Investing in your workforce through CoreTrade training not only results in cost savings but also in a better, more efficient, and competitive construction business.

At Aesperon Construction, we are an approved BCA Training Centre and course provider dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the construction industry in Singapore.

Contact us to learn more about CoreTrade courses and how they can benefit your business. Lower your construction worker’s levy while elevating your construction capabilities with our expert training programs.

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