In the dynamic world of construction in Singapore, staying up-to-date with industry standards and regulations is paramount. A key aspect of this is ensuring that your construction workforce is trained and certified through relevant courses such as CoreTrade, MultiSkill, and SEC(K).

These courses not only enhance the skills of your workers but can also lead to significant reductions in your construction worker’s levy. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how CoreTrade, MultiSkill, and SEC(K) courses can help lower your construction worker’s levy, ultimately benefiting your business.

Understanding the Basics:

Before we get into the details of how these courses can help you save on levies, let’s briefly explain what each of these courses entails.

  1. CoreTrade Course: The CoreTrade course is designed to enhance the skills of construction workers and supervisors. It provides them with advanced training and certifications, improving their competency and productivity in the construction field.
  2. MultiSkill Course: MultiSkill courses equip workers with a range of skills across various trades, making them more versatile and adaptable on the construction site. This versatility can lead to improved work efficiency.
  3. SEC(K) Course: The SEC(K) course focuses on the safety aspects of construction work. It teaches workers how to ensure a safe working environment, preventing accidents and injuries.

Reducing Construction Worker’s Levy:

Now, let’s explore how investing in CoreTrade, MultiSkill, and SEC(K) courses can translate into a lower construction worker’s levy for your business.

  1. Qualifying for Levy Concession:
    • The Singapore government offers levy concessions to employers who have a higher percentage of skilled and certified workers in their workforce.
    • By sending your workers for CoreTrade and MultiSkill courses, you can increase the percentage of skilled workers in your team, making you eligible for a levy concession.
  2. Higher Skilled Workforce:
    • Skilled workers are generally more productive and efficient, resulting in better quality work and reduced project delays.
    • When you invest in your workforce’s skills through these courses, you’re not only reducing your levy but also enhancing your project’s overall performance.
  3. Safety Compliance:
    • The SEC(K) course emphasizes safety, teaching workers to follow safety protocols rigorously.
    • Fewer accidents and injuries on the worksite mean lower healthcare costs and reduced liability, which indirectly affects your construction worker’s levy.
  4. Building a Competitive Advantage:
    • Employers with a highly skilled and safety-conscious workforce often have a competitive edge in winning tenders and contracts.
    • By participating in these courses, you can enhance your company’s reputation, attracting more business opportunities.


Investing in CoreTrade, MultiSkill, and SEC(K) courses for your construction workforce is not just a compliance requirement; it’s a strategic move to lower your construction worker’s levy and improve your business’s overall performance. These courses not only make your workers more skilled and safety-conscious but also contribute to reducing your operational costs, improving your competitiveness in the market. It’s a win-win situation for both your business and your workforce.

At Aesperon Construction, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the intricacies of the construction industry in Singapore.

Contact us to learn more about these courses and how they can benefit your business. Lower your construction worker’s levy while elevating your construction game with our expert training programs.

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