Aesperon Construction’s Enhanced Aluminum Formwork Course is part of our SEC(K), BCA Approved Training Course. In this article, we will dive deeper into what you might be able to learn and the benefits of completing this course.

Enhanced Aluminum Formwork Course

What is a BCA Approved Training Course?

The Construction Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade) is a registration scheme administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), for skilled and experienced construction personnel in the various key construction trades.

Apart from equipping your workers with new knowledge and additional technical skills, your company can benefit by having them recognized by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and upgrading them into Higher-Skilled Workers.

By upgrading your construction personnel with a BCA-approved training course like CoreTrade, employers will pay a lower levy rate and extended maximum period of employment. Instead of 14 years for a Basic-Skilled Worker, Higher-Skilled Workers actually have their period of employment extended to a maximum of 26 years!

Signing your employees up for a familiarisation course provides a lot of benefits to you and your company. You get to keep your company’s high-performing construction personnel with additional training and testing through this CoreTrade Scheme.

No need to worry about re-hiring new workers all the time when you can keep the core group of personnel essential to your business for a long time.

List Of BCA-Approved Courses


How To Apply For The CoreTrade Courses?

All you have to do is approach us for pre-registration via the following schemes: 

 *Subjected to approval by MOM.

Entry Requirements:

To check your eligibility for these courses, please check our website at to find out more.

What is the SEC(K) scheme?

SEC(K), which stands for Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge), is a skills certification framework conducted by the Building and Construction Authority to assess a worker’s competency and skill in a particular construction trade.

Workers can apply for SEC(K) at the BCA Academy or at the BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres (ATTCs). Companies can also apply for their workers to take the 2nd SEC(K) at Overseas Test Centres (OTCs).

In the event that the worker has less than 4 years of construction experience in Singapore and only the first SEC/SEC(K), employers are unable to submit a Multi-Skilling application for the applicant as per the requirement.

If you need more information regarding any of the schemes and registration process or find out how you can upgrade your workforce and cut your costs at the same time, call us at 67413131 or email us at for a no-obligation enquiry!

Benefits of SEC(K)

The SEC(K) scheme allows workers in the construction industry to upskill to an R1 worker, thereby lowering their foreign worker levies. The Direct R1 Scheme was implemented in 2015 to provide another alternative pathway for the industry to upgrade its construction workers.

It allows those who pass the SEC(K) test at a higher skill level and draw a fixed monthly salary of $1,600 or more, to be considered R1 (Higher Skilled) workers; under the Ministry of Manpower Tiered-Levy Scheme.

Enhanced Aluminum Formwork Course

Aesperon Construction CoreTrade Painting Course

What you will benefit from this course: 

  • Lowered levies for construction companies when workers are SEC-K certified  
  • Meet BCA 10% RI requirement for construction companies (direct R1) 
  • Longer working years and higher employability in Singapore for construction workers


This course aims to provide trainees with knowledge and skills in painting. They will be trained to recognize different types of paint, techniques of application, and proper handling of painting tools and equipment. More importantly, trainees will be taught to practice good painting habits and worksite safety relating to painting. The course consists of the following topics:

  • General Knowledge & Safety in Painting Works
  • Painting Materials and Estimation
  • Methods of Application
  • Quality & Defects in Painting

 Trainers of different nationalities (Chinese, Bangladeshi, and Indian) will be present to assist workers during the training.  

Entry Requirements:


  • SEC(K) candidates must be holders of valid work permits, Singapore Citizens, and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR). 
  • Must be able to understand and communicate in the language of instruction.

Course Requirements:

A)   SEC- K

  1. Minimum of 4 or 6 years of construction work experience in Singapore as a Tradesmen and Foreman respectively.
  2. BCA acknowledgment notice.

B)   Multi skill

  1. Candidates must have SEC or SEC (K) certificate.

Language of Instruction:

  •  English, Mandarin, Bengali, and Tamil   

            Test papers in the following preferred languages are available (provided) by BCA.

            (English, Chinese, Tamil)

2022/23 Upcoming Course Dates here

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