Unlocking Direct R1 Opportunities for Female Malaysian Admin Workers

What is Direct R1?

Direct R1 Pathway offers a unique opportunity for skilled workers, including female Malaysian administrative personnel, to elevate their status to “Higher Skilled” R1 construction workers, even without the requisite years of local construction experience.

This initiative empowers quality workers, particularly those with exceptional skills but limited local experience, to transition to the esteemed status of “Higher Skilled” R1 construction workers. By leveraging this pathway, employers gain the flexibility to deploy highly skilled workers efficiently, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

Who is Eligible for Direct R1 Pathway?

To qualify for the Direct R1 Pathway, workers, including female Malaysian admin staff, must meet the following criteria:

– Maintain a minimum fixed monthly salary of $1,600.

– Successfully pass the SEC(K) test at an advanced skill level.

Continuing Education and Training (CET) Requirements

Direct R1 eligibility is valid for two years. Workers seeking to renew their registration must participate in Continuing Education and Training (CET) within their registered SEC(K) trade. CET sessions are half-day courses that cover the latest industry codes, regulations, best practices, and demonstrations of new methods, materials, tools, and equipment relevant to specific construction trades or areas of responsibility.

How to Apply

Interested individuals can apply for the Direct R1 Pathway at a BCA Approved Training and Testing Centre such as Aesperon Construction.

Upskilling to an R1 Worker with Aesperon Construction

Since 2012, Aesperon Construction has been at the forefront of providing reliable, relevant, and cost-effective courses aimed at upskilling and empowering workers in the construction industry. Our comprehensive courses, developed in close collaboration with industry partners, exceed stringent standards, ensuring participants acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Benefits of Becoming an R1 Worker

According to the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) Singapore, Higher-Skilled workers like R1 workers in the construction sector can benefit from a $1,400 reduction in levies per worker.

Why Choose Aesperon Construction?

Aesperon Construction stands out as a WSQ Approved Training Organisation, collaborating with BCA Approved Partners to deliver high-quality training solutions. With a track record of maintaining a 95% passing rate in multiple CoreTrade courses, we prioritize excellence in equipping workers with the skills they need to succeed.

Join Aesperon Construction Today

Discover the transformative power of Direct R1 Pathways with Aesperon Construction. Contact us to embark on your journey towards becoming an R1 worker and unlocking new opportunities in Singapore’s dynamic construction sector.

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At Aesperon Construction, we’re committed to empowering individuals and enhancing the construction industry’s capabilities through our comprehensive training programs. Join us and experience the difference firsthand.

Client Testimonials

Read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience with AesperonConstruction’s courses and how they’ve successfully upskilled their workforce to the R1 level.

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