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Previously we have talked about what is CoreTrade, Multi-Skilling and SEC(K). Now we will explain on what are the differences between them.

Multi-Skilling Scheme

As we know, Multi-Skilling scheme was developed following feedback from the industry on the need for more upgrading pathways for construction workers. It is an alternative pathway for them to progress from “Basic Skilled” R2 workers to “Higher Skilled” R1 workers under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s Foreign Worker Levy.

Multi-Skilling workers offer greater flexibility in deployment on site and hence help to enhance productivity by reducing productivity downtime. This will benefit firms as they will be able to deliver their construction work with lesser workers.

CoreTrade Scheme

While the CoreTrade Scheme recognizes those workers specializing in key construction trades, i.e. possessing “deep” skills, the Multi-Skilling scheme complements the CoreTrade scheme by recognizing experienced workers who are competent in multiple trade skills or have completed 120 training hours of approved safety courses.

Apart from equipping your workers with new knowledge and additional technical skills, your company can benefit by having them recognized by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and upgrade them into Higher-Skilled Workers.

Employers will be able to pay a lower levy rate and extended maximum period of employment, upon upgrading your construction personnel with a BCA approved training course like CoreTrade.


SEC(K), which stands for Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge), is a skills certification framework conducted by the Building and Construction Authority to assess a worker’s competency and skill in a particular construction trade.

Workers can apply for SEC(K) at the BCA Academy or at the BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres (ATTCs). Companies can also apply for their workers to take the 2nd SEC(K) at the Overseas Test Centres (OTCs).

In the event where the worker has less than 4 years of construction experience in Singapore and only the first SEC/SEC(K), employers are unable to submit a Multi-Skilling application for the applicant as per the requirement.

If you need more information regarding any of the schemes and registration process or find out how you can upgrade your workforce andcut your costs at the same time, call us at 67413131 or email us at for a no obligations enquiry!

Why choose us?

To start working as a construction worker in Singapore, it is a requirement to possess a skills evaluation certificate.  We have a more than 95% Passing Rate for our certification courses. As we understand that weekdays are mainly the important workdays, many weekend training slots are available in ATTC. Free transportation will be provided as well! (Terms and conditions apply).

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us!

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