This Safety of Windows Training Course is to enhance the quality workmanship and performance of trained window installers, providing them with a good understanding of statutory and safety requirements of windows. This Course will cover:
The legistation and statutory requirements on the design, installation and retrofitting of windows.
Understand the minimum safety requirements for windows.
Understand the procedure and requirements for installation and retrofitting of windows; ensuring good industry practices incoporating quality and safety aspects of the trade.
Trainers with different nationalities (Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indian) will be present to assist workers during the training.
Upon successful completion of this Course, participants who have passed the tests will be awarded with a Certificate of Successful Completion issued by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), and recognized as a Trained Window Installer (TWI).
Entry Requirements:
1). Candidates must have at least 12 months of practical experience in the installation of windows as declared by the employer and a Supervising Trained Window Installer (TWI).
2).The Supervising TWI shall be certified and declared by the employer as being employed by an Approved Window Contractor or a licensed builder.
3).Supervising TWI in the declaration form shall be the same as in the Certificate of Altendance.
4).Candidates must be able to understand and communicate in simple English language (able to read and write).
5).Candidates must be Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents or holders of valid work permit.
Language of instruction::
English only
Test papers in the following preferred languages are available (provided) by BCA.

2022 Upcoming Course Dates:


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Training: 10 hours
  • Weekend Courses
Pricing: $1300.00 Difficulty Level:  Aesperon Construction Venue: 69J Tuas South Avenue 1 SEATOWN INDUSTRIAL CENTRE, Singapore 637508