What is Continuing Education and Training (CET)?

CET is to continuously upgrade the construction workforce to support improvement in productivity, quality, and safety. All personnel registered under CoreTrade and Multi-Sklling schemes or upgraded through the Direct R1 pathway are required to attend CET under their respective registered trade category.

Continuing Education & Training (CET) aims to update Coretrade/Multi-skilling/Direct R1 personnel on the latest construction industry of practices and regulations.

The program also includes the new and latest technology, installation methods, equipment, materials, and tools related to the trade. The program will also provide good industry practices, which incorporate quality, productivity, innovation, and health & safety aspects of the trade.

The CET Masterplan

At Aesperon Construction ATTC, we offer a high-quality system of education and training according to the industry’s needs, as well as foster a culture that supports lifelong learning.

The system of CET is integral to this objective. The CET Masterplan, launched in 2008, has been refreshed in 2014 to better ensure a competitive and career-resilient workforce.

It will enable working adults, regardless of their starting qualifications, to continue to build and deepen their skills and competencies, throughout their careers.

The new Masterplan has three key areas of focus:

  • Building deep expertise in the Singapore workforce, with increased involvement by employers in building and valuing skills.
  • Enabling individuals to make informed learning and career choices through the improved delivery of education, training, and career guidance.
  • Developing a vibrant CET ecosystem with a wide range of high-quality learning opportunities.

Increased involvement by employers in building and valuing skills

The government will continue to work closely with employers and other key stakeholders to build and value the skills acquired by individuals.

This collaborative effort will enable individuals to deepen their professional competencies and advance in their careers based on the skills they gain.

Entry Requirement

The minimum requirement for taking the CET is that candidates must be existing Coretrade/Multi-skilling/Direct R1 personnel. Candidates must also be able to understand and communicate in the language of instruction. Most importantly, candidates must be Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, or holders of valid work permits.

To register for CET Course, please follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1. You must apply for BCA Acknowledgement Notice (BCA AN) using the following link: https://bca.gov.sg/cwrs/

Step 2. Sign-up for an account in the BCA’s One-Stop system. (One-Stop system website: https://www.bca.gov.sg/ams_public/Default.aspx). Subsequently, Select our ATTC to assign candidates to our Training Centre.

Step 3. Once you have registered through the One-Stop system, please also register through our online system at this website: https://aesperonconstruction.sg (Please attach the candidate’s NRIC/Work Permit, BCA Acknowledgement Notice (AN), and BCA Statement of Registration).

The course offered will be a 4-hour theory-oriented course with an end-of-course test/assignment.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates who have passed the test will be awarded a certificate.

CET Courses offered


Pricing: $130 plus GST (i.e. $139.10)

Difficulty Level: 100% Passing rate based on the past 5000+ candidates 

BBR Building, 3rd Floor, 50 Changi South Street 1, Singapore 486126

For more information on CET courses, do contact Aesperon Construction here.

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